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Is it considered good manners to call your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend after you broke up with them?

My boyfriend broke up with me on My Space about a little more than a month ago. He does not have the common courtsey to even call me to see how I was doing. I think that is kinda rude especially when you broke up with me on my Myspace email. But, I think it is even ruder for him not to call up just to see how I was doing and how my summer is going. Isn't it good manners or the common courtesy nowadays to call your ex boyfriend or ex girl friend within two or three weeks of the break up to just see how they are doing? If you were the one that broke up with them in the first place? I mean you do not have to be friends with them. And, after you call that one time, just to see how they are doing you do not have to even call again if you do not want to. Is this considered good manners or common courtsey nowadays? Or, is it better to just let the relationship go and not to dwell on the past?Is it considered good manners to call your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend after you broke up with them?
It's not ';common courtesy'; to check on an ex. It's not even advisable, even though the person who got dumped may really want it - but all it's going to do is make you think that there's the possiblilty of getting back together.

However it IS considered good manners to end a relationship IN PERSON. Doing on MySpace is cheezy and lame and he's a scumbag for doing that. You're better off without him.Is it considered good manners to call your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend after you broke up with them?
move forward dont talk 2 him

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Typically when people break up and its really over - its over; however, he may actually be checking to see if your okay. He could check out what your saying on My Space, or he could check out how your doing through some of your friends. He may be concerned that if he called you it would give you the impression that he still cared and that there might be a chance of your getting back together. Better to not lead you on and risk your being hurt again.
nope because there is a reason hes an ex sorry to break it to you honey but he dumped u for a reason meaning he doesnt want to talk to u now more
Let it go and move on. Time will heal all pain.
Most young men could care less whether or not they have manners. I resolved that if I ever had a son, I would teach him to treat girls well, but I only had a girl.
no but you could talk to him on the phone like friends and not bring anything you until he does its not rude though
It's good manners, but it's just not worth getiing upset over.
No such rule.
I think some sort of follow-up phone call would be appropriate only to express sympathy for the loss of a family member or concern about a health problem. Find another boyfriend.
Yes, do not dwell on what went wrong. Life is long and there will be others who do not want a full time relationship, find one who does and seek happiness together.

How do you tell your girlfriend that you are actually gay and should I break up with her?

This is such a bad situation. I like this guy. I didn't even know he was gay. Last weekend we got drunk at my girlfriends house and we made out. I never did this since college. I like him and want to play around with him for a while, but I love my girlfriend and get married. What should I do? Should I tell her and see if she will accept that I have these fantasies or should I ignore what happened.

I feel terrible! How do you tell your girlfriend that you are actually gay and should I break up with her?
No, don't tell her. Just don't do it again and don't get so drunk as you can't control your urges. Only you know if you are gay or bi-curious or straight.

Think long and hard if you really want to marry this girl, or if you are being selfish. If you really loved her you wouldn't have done this, but everyone makes mistakes. Soul search.

Also ask why you say you are gay in the question, then say you arent in the additional details. Pick one or just admit you are bi and tell people.How do you tell your girlfriend that you are actually gay and should I break up with her?
Well if u just ignore it chances are its not gonna go away and its always going to be on your mind.

If you KNOW that your gf in the long run is not for you and you might cheat then please spare her cause at least she deserves the truth.

Is your gf someone that you can see the rest of your life with? If you say yes then consider your will probably lose her forever...and even if she accepts you back...itll never be the same as before. If you can put your fantasies aside and have SELF CONTROL then i say dont lose a great woman over temptation.
Be completely honest with her and let her make the descision. Dont let anyone else tell you or her what to do, make your own minds up. If she loves you, she will understand but i think you need to reavaluate your fantasies. If you want to marry this girl, you should possibly be fantasising about her...
Speaking from experience, tell the girl. She has the right to decide to stay or go. If you withhold the information you are going to mess up her life and the lives of any children you have. It doesn't matter if you don't want a relationship with the guys you mess with; you are still cheating.
Okay, first choose a side. Are you gay, or do you love her? Are you bi?

If you love her, ignore what happened; if you are gay, break up with her (But that part's just common sense...).
Well, do you love your girlfriend as a friend, or a girlfriend? I wouldn't say anything if you love her, but if you are gay i would end it sooner than later.
Do the right thing and tell her.

It is selfish to lie about your sexual orientation and deceitful if you marry her.
ok well u gotta tell her your bisexual and if she doesnt accpet it find yourself other woman. or just date that guy u like lol.
make a video of you and your lover in bed and upload it on youtube and email her the link.
Go on Jerry Springer.
Do the girl a favor, and break up. Remain friends if you wish.
oh that's wrong dude, poor girl.

You needto tell her.
oh no...its a hollyoaks episode lol

you know, with john paul and craig....classic....just try not to repeat that one
From what you have said it would seem you are definitely bi-curious. You are not in a committed relationship or you would not have made out with this man. Being drunk only lowers your inhibitions and is no excuse for making out with him. I would suggest to you that while you still reconciling these issues the last thing you should be thinking of is marriage with the girlfriend. You need to speak to her and tell her of your bi-curiosity. Realistically speaking entering into a marriage, presumably exclusive of all others is not best in this situation.

How did you break up with your girlfiend? HELP!?

I need help on how to break up with my girlfriend. We had a pretty long relationship, but i just want to move on. What should i say and do?How did you break up with your girlfiend? HELP!?
Talk to her about your concerns %26amp; tell her how serious you are about them. If you do it this way, you will prevent a possible stalker. If you spring this on her all of a sudden, you're in trouble....Trust me, I know.How did you break up with your girlfiend? HELP!?
Be truthful (sort of).Try not to hurt her feelings(too badly)
well ..tell her the truth...that u ant to move on your life i think she will understand your feelings if she love bye GOOD LUCK
You should talk to her, in a quiet place with NO ONE around, tell her you have lost your feelings for her, and you want to move on.
Well, you could sit down with her and tell her on the level that it's just not working for you any more, and there's nothing that can be done. Or... you can take the chicken s%$t way out and make her life miserable until she gets pissed off enough to dump you.

Be kind and honest. Don't get into a heated fight about it or act meanly towards her. She is going to be hurt and might act in a lot of different ways, but in respect for the length of your relationship, please take responsibility and be as nice as possible under the circumstances.
tell her how you feel and that you would like to date other people
There's no nice to break up with someone, its going to hurt no matter what. Your best bet is to be honest about your feelings, no one likes to hear bs. If you do it any other way you might end up hurting her more by leading her on thinking there will be another chance of you guys getting together. just tell her that you need to see what else is out there and its something you have to do...

gud luck! n tell us how it went
Well you have to start off with...

';It's not you, it's me...';
Coming from a girl, be gentle but don't use the overused phrases like ';it's not you it's me'; because we all know what you really mean... it IS her. Tell her what you really think. And don't do it at some public place where you can embarass each other. Set her down easy and good luck!
i didnt i still got her for like.............9 years

dont break her heart tell her during the sex i think this will work my freind did the same thing and she accepted it without any shocks(what suprise me is she finished the sex and then went away)
it will hurt no matter what. just tell her you've grown apart. it's not fair to either one of you if you continue on.
Ok, first, don't do it on the phone. THAT'S THE WORSE WAY TO DO IT!!! Don't do it like, just randomly either. Just take her some where romantic and let her off gently. I know it's hard, but maybe even blame yourself. Say you just need some freedom and that she deserves someone who really loves her. Than drive her home. Beware flying objects though because there's no such thing as a peaceful break up.
All you have to do is firmly tell her that you don't feel the same way you used and will not be seeing her anymore. It is cruel to postpone the enevitable. Just take a deep breath and say it. She probably knows already though
Well tell her exactly what you want.

Dear ___,

I'm sorry, but this just isn't working for me. I've been thinking for the past few days and well..I just want to move on..I hope you feel the same way..because I don't want this to go in a wrong way. I still care about you, and just wanna be friends.

Uh yeah...I'm just making this cha..tell her how you feel.

How do I know my girlfriend wants to break up?

me and my girlfriend have been going out for a week now and i have not kissed her yet i and i am worried that she wants to be break up with me and another thing that i wanna know (if you guys could help) is how to prevent this. thanks for all your answersHow do I know my girlfriend wants to break up?
well, im a girl and at times it can be cute wen guys dont kiss u rite away... it showz intamacy

but... we can get fustrated n then think we're tha ones doing something wrong....

u should probably take her out and do something romantic

then kiss her

that'll show her u were waiting for tha rite time....

and she probably doesnt wanna break upp

she's just worriedHow do I know my girlfriend wants to break up?
kiss her, talk to her, come up behind her in the halls, and whisper 'love you' in her ear, wrap your arms around her waist. become her dream guy.
shes probably just shy, so why don't you make the first move?

i doubt she wants to break up. good luck!!
Kiss her.
well she probably shy. Gotta be more cool and make your first move. Kiss her!!!!!!!
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  • After a break up, do you feel alone and miss your boyfriend/girlfriend a lot?

    I recently broke up with my bf of 3 months. My family disliked him and forced me to end the relationship because we were caught making out. It hurt me so much and i'm so confused.. did i do the right thing?

    I can't stop thinking of him for the past week, and i try to occupy myself with work and other things but somehow memories of us always come across my mind and it kills.

    I WANT to talk to him so badly but i don't know if i should call since i'm the one who ended it. I just want to know how he's feeling and how he's doing but i know my parents would be upset if i talk to him so soon.

    All my bf said was ';ok'; when i told him that i couldn't continue in our relationship.. which left me wondering if he even cares.. or if he feels as hurt as i do. I just feel like something is missing in my life now. I got used to having someone there always for me, i wish i didn't grow so attached.

    I want to be atleast friends with him but i don't know if there's a chance to get together again.After a break up, do you feel alone and miss your boyfriend/girlfriend a lot?
    woww this kinda sounds like what happened to me and my boyfriend...

    i had to break up with him too,

    because my mom didnt approve of us...

    he said he was cool with it,

    he told me we'd still be best friends and stuff.

    that made me think he didnt really want to be with me anyway.

    but the next day he was weird and distant,

    and he'd snap at me for no reason.

    then finally he told me that he wasnt cool with it,

    and he thought i was just tryna make excuses to get away from him.

    he said he PRETENDED he didnt care because he didnt want me to know i hurt him.

    eventually i asked him back because i decided that ultimately,

    i'd never get what i really want if all i did was what other people tell me to do.

    i might be making a mistake,

    but its my mistake to make,

    not my parents.

    my advice to you is to find out where he really stands,

    and what he really thinks about the breakup.

    and to find out how YOU really feel too.

    do you feel like he was holding you back,

    or is that just what your parents said?

    do what makes you feel right.After a break up, do you feel alone and miss your boyfriend/girlfriend a lot?
    yes and forever cause i turly did love him.
    Yes of course! This is a natural feeling. I mean you were with that person for some time, and became each other's worlds. Its hard to tear that apart.

    There's no rule that says you can't call just because you ended it. You can still be friends.
    if you really loved him you shouldnt have broke up with him just because you were caught making out with him. tell him you need him, and get back with him!!

    How to break up with your boyfriend?

    I'm fourteen and i've been going out with this guy for a month. He is really sweet but we go to different schools so i see him maybe once a week if I'm lucky. Recently made out with this guy I've been in love with for two years but he also has a girlfriend of 11 months. I told my boyfriend and he forgave me but I can't seem to be able to forget about it and I don't really like my boyfriend anymore. How do I let him down?How to break up with your boyfriend?
    Invest in your love and to be happy.

    Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude. When you make a commitment to a relationship, you invest your attention and energy in it more profoundly because you now experience ownership of that relationship.How to break up with your boyfriend?
    Tell him that your 14, dating for a month, and dont go to the same school....its not a big deal.
    You're 14. You shouldn't be making out, especially with someone who has a girlfriend. As for your question, just tell him that you're sorry but your feelings have changed, and you just want to be friends.

    How Do You Break Up With Your Girlfreind Without Pissing Her Off?

    I'm a bisexual and there's this cute boy that I'm going to ask out but I already have a girlfriend, do you think she'll understand that I'm dumping her for a man? Would it be easier not to tell her and keep a girlfriend? Or maybe can we do it 3 way? I sure hope she doesn't see thisHow Do You Break Up With Your Girlfreind Without Pissing Her Off?
    tell her to f off, shoot her in the head, pi$$ and crap on her, chop her up into little pieces, and feed her to the fishHow Do You Break Up With Your Girlfreind Without Pissing Her Off?
    You can't. Just go ahead and piss her off.
    Well I would talk to her.

    As for the three way, if she's not into that, she would be really offended.
    you going to ask for a three way or dump her, yep she is going to be seriously pissed off at you and quite bloody rightly.
    I think that you would piss her off if you broke up with her, especially to be with a man. Maybe you like boys more than girls. 3 ways? Gross. Decide who you want to be with more. You could break up with her and ask the boy out and he could say no and then you would have no one.
    Tell her your geNatles belong to another, and if she doesn;t understND, THAN SHE IS A *****.